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We invite you to join the UKs leading network of wedding websites.
What do you want? More weddings.
Where do you want them? Right here.
So book space on this website that is totally committed to pairing you up with couples planning their wedding here.

Our first sites went live in 2007 with many of these suppliers still with us today in 2013. These include award-winning venues, photographers and designers, countless small business around the UK and a fair handful of some of the best loved names in the wedding business who each value our personable approach (not an 0845 number in sight), current knowledge of the wedding industry and commitment to helping them receive more enquiries and bookings.

Our superb prices make our service accessible to all - the most frequent comment we hear is " is that for a month or a whole year?" from suppliers who are relieved to hear realistic costs that buy space for a full year not a mere month.

We help you stand out from the crowd - we don't cram pages with long lists of suppliers regardless of quality but present brides with a few carefully chosen suppliers in their area. Each site promotes 1, 2 or 3 suppliers per category so contact us using the details on the Contact page or send us a message via Facebook to tell us about your business.